Teleconference Minutes  - April 29,2010 – 6:00 p.m. PST



Tony Troughton, 1st Vice President                                  Terry Day, Calgary RA President

Larry Eloy, Treasurer                                                           Lisa Waywell, Secretary

Elvio Chies, 2nd Vice President                                           Joe Licandro, President  – joined at 6:50 p.m.


1st Vice President Tony Troughton welcomed all to the teleconference call.  (President Joe Licandro had indicated he would be delayed and asked that Tony chair the teleconference.)


1. Task Force

Tony Troughton indicated he would be contacting the Manitoba SRA to ask for a representative for the Task Force.

Robin Woods, BC Treasurer would be representing the BCSRA.  Chris Cottle would be representing the OSRA.  The Task Force is to report back in September with an interim report at the end of June.  Terry Day asked for the Terms of Reference for the Task Force which Lisa Waywell emailed during the teleconference. 


Elvio Chies indicated that the Task Force had been discussed at the BCSRA Meeting and indicated there were three elements which the BCSRA would like included:

                a) a review of the goals and objectives of the CSRA;

                b) research into the possible use of “media” such as video conferencing;

                c) cost analysis of any recommendations.


2. Meachin Fund

Elvio Chies clarified that although there had been discussion at the AGM that there may be two sets of Funds in the Meachin Trust, his research indicated that all funds had already been consolidated into one account.  Elvio was uncertain whether the revised document had been sent to Virginia Meachin for approval, so Elvio will forward a copy to her directly.


3.  Finance

Larry Eloy reported that the bank balance was $2778.80 with $3003.55 having been spent on the AGM and $71.20 spent on other items.  Joe Licandro has been sent a package of cheques for signature.  Manitoba has approximately $300.00 to be forwarded in registrations and BC has approximately $100.00.


4. Edmonton/Calgary

Layne Greenaway, former Calgary President, had indicated to Elvio that he would continue to help with connections in Alberta.  Stuart Murray is still President of Edmonton according to the local directory.  Terry Day, Calgary President indicated that several communities in Alberta have very small groups with Red Deer just starting to form an association complicated by the fact that 95% of the referees are under 18 years of age.  Terry indicated he will attempt to contact Lethbridge to see if there may be interest in joining the CSRA.  


5. Networking

Elvio indicated that there are several associations in Saskatchewan, however, they are a loose network without a central provincial association.

New Brunswick – Rowan Beliveau

Nova Scotia – Wendall McGibbon

Newfoundland – Brian Walsh

In Manitoba, Daniel Louer is now the Secretary and perhaps a potential candidate for the Task Force.

Tony will contact Basil Gill to see if he knows of any other RA contacts in other provinces.


Joe Licandro joined the teleconference and thanked everyone for their input, stressing the importance of the work of the Task Force and in particular Tony Troughton for chairing both this meeting and the Task Force.



Telconference concluded at 6:58 p.m. PST


Next Teleconference – Thursday, May 27, 2010 at 6:00 PST